This Day In History
April 7

Year Month Start Date Event
1672 April 7 Louis Buade de Frontenac becomes Governor of New France on April 7.
1770 April 7 Born - William Wordsworth, in Cockermouth, England (d.1850)
1808 April 7 Born - John Langton, businessman, political figure and civil servant (d.1894)
1849 April 7 A large fire engulfs Toronto's downtown section. Started at 1 a.m. of an unknown cause, it started behind a tavern in the market section catching some hay then spread rapidly before destroying numerous buildings, including St. James cathedral.
1851 April 7 The first Canadian postage stamps are printed
1851 April 7 Born -John Wilson Bengough, political cartoonist (died 1923)
1862 April 7 United Kingdom-United States treaty for suppression of African slave trade is signed.
1868 April 7 Father of Confederation Thomas D'Arcy McGee is assassinated in Ottawa by Irish Fenians.
1868 April 7 On April 7, Thomas D'Arcy McGee, journalist, politician and Father of Confederation, is assassinated. Patrick J. Whelan is found guilty on circumstantial evidence and is hanged at the Nicholas Street Jail on February 11, 1869.
1908 April 7 Born - Percy Faith, band-leader, orchestrator and composer (d.1976)
1914 April 7 Died - Edith Maude Eaton, author (b.1865)
1923 April 7 Born - Aba Bayefsky, artist and teacher (d.2001)
1927 April 7 Born -Dorothy Knowles, artist
1933 April 7 Raymond Paley becomes the first known skiing fatality in the Canadian Rockies on Fossil Mountain.
1950 April 7 Died -Walter Huston, actor (b.1884)
1958 April 7 Born - Ted Nolan, ice hockey player and coach
1969 April 7 Born - Gary Anderson, swimmer
1972 April 7 Died - Woodrow Stanley Lloyd, politician and 8th Premier of Saskatchewan (b.1913)
1975 April 7 Born - Owen Von Richter, swimmer
1983 April 7 Born - Kyle Labine, actor
1998 April 7 Nick Auf der Maur, journalist and politician (born 1942)
2004 April 7 Fadi Ihsan Fadel, a Canadian humanitarian working in Iraq, taken hostage among group of other nationals.
2004 April 7 Former Member of Canadian Parliament Jack Ramsay's son Spencer found dead in their family home.
2011 April 7 Died - Pierre Gauvreau, 88, painter (born 1922)
2011 April 7 Died - E. J. McGuire, 58, ice hockey coach and scout, cancer (born 1952)