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Sir Frederick Arthur Stanley, 1st Baron Stanley of Preston, 16th Earl of Derby

Appointed: May 1, 1888
Sworn In: June 11, 1888
Born: January 15, 1841, London, England
Died: June 14, 1908


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Every Canadian hockey fan of any age probably knows about the Stanley Cup, the trophy fought for annually by the teams of the National Hockey League. It is also probable that too few of them realize the source of the trophy. It was presented by Canada's 6th Governor General, Frederick Arthur Stanley, son of the 14th Earl of Derby and himself a Baron.

Born in London in 1841, the sports loving Englishman was educated at Eton and the Military College, and was commissioned in the Grenadier Guards, but shortly after chose politics as a career. He entered the House of Commons, and served in several cabinet posts, including that of Secretary of State for the Colonies.

When appointed Governor General in 1888, he found Canada much to his liking and promptly established his own fishing camp,  'Stanley House' on Baie des Chaleurs in New Brunswick, close to the salmon waters of the Cascapedia.

travelling across the country by train, on horseback and over its waterways, Lord Stanley particularly enjoyed meeting the native people and he rugged scenery of the Rockies held a special appeal for him.

His term of office was uneventful. He became a close friend of Sir John A. Macdonald and was particularly solicitous of his weakened condition. Both Sir John and his main political foe, Alexander Mackenzie died within a year of each other during Lord Stanley's tenure in office.

He returned to England in 1893 and succeeded to the title of 16th Earl of Derby. He served in a number of high public offices and died at his country seat, Knowsley, Lancashire, on June 14th, 1908. He was succeeded by his son.  

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